Goasun render


Goasun is a Fire attribute, Dragon Tribe Beast who is the main mascot of Butto Burst, along with Goldyaxe. He is Ataru`s main Beast Bullet, and the strongest Beast Bullet after Volgrim.


Goasun is a large, red dragon similar to that of Charizard or Pyrus Dragonoid. His body is surrounded by red, scaly plates and glowing molten lava, mainly on his chest and his wing-like fin on his shoulders, elbows and knees. Flames sprouting on his edge of his tail and around his neck which resembles a mane. He has a blue gem on his chest, which is surrounded by dark blue, pebble like scales which extend throughout his collar. He has a small pair of wings on his back which can be extended into large wings when he performs his Finishing Move, Magma Burst.



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