Red cosmic

the red cosmic from left to right : cho onpah, gero hakusyaku,jinju haunted jack,sexypass and kill bull

Red Cosmic is the new Archetype and main antagonist of Butto Burst : Meteor series. They're one of  the archetypes that are led by Tower of Meteor. Unlike other bosses, the display picture background of its members are blue instead of orange or red, and most of them can be fought in just one phase, unlike most bosses which evolve if  they fatigued, and recover some health. This means most of them are in their evolved state. They also possess an ability to summon a giant Meteor, which is often used as their finishing move.


  • Jinju Haunted Jack: A Spinosaur-like monster with a big red sword on his tail. He is the leader of Red Cosmic. His finishing attack  is "Zangyakusu"
  • Gero Hakusyaku : One of the commanders of Red Cosmic. He resembles a brown frog with two claw-like appendages sprouting on his back. He finishes his enemy with his signature move "Clover Stamp"
  • Sexypass: A Naga-like beast that wears an octopus shaped crown. He wields two red blades as his main weapon. his strongest attack is called "Cosmo Jack"
  • Kill Bull : A Minotaur, similar to that of Tungusk but is red and wears a cape with a buffalo's skull. His axe resembles a pair of bull horns, which he can use it to perform  " Mars Slash"
  • Cho-Onpah :  A reddish-blue counterpart of Gegemoss , and a Water attribute. He carries a kunai-like weapon, and jabs enemies with his "Perseus Meteor Fist", a punching attack similar to that of "Bat Jabber"

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